Blagovesta Kostova. PhD student at EPFL.

blagovesta.pirelli at epfl.ch

Service-Oriented Business Design for IT Students


Students need to acquire professional skills that will help them understand the complex environment of an enterprise (and the society) where they will most probably end up after their graduatiion. Our research group comes from the world of services; so we believe that services are useful. But the service literature is either too abstract and philosofical, or too techncical and considers only IT services. We, as teachers, need to understand how to teach services.

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No Mind Reading

Remember how relieved you were that no one could read your mind the last time you weren’t overly happy about your colleague crossing you. Well, guess what? You are absolutely right!

Nobody can read your mind!

-- Basically Anyone

This includes both the thoughts you’d prefer not sharing but also the ones you really want to express.

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Software is Soft That's Why It's Hard

Hardware is hard - it is close to physics. It is predictable, it has its rules. There are some surprises but do you remember a time when silicon has decided on its own to behave like some other element from the periodic table?

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